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Floyd C. Parker, Jr.’s panel offers only a quick glance at the life of him. I was drawn to the panel by his date of birth. There isn’t much insight on the panel as it is basic, in the fact that all font of the lettering is the same size and the color scheme is limited to four colors. I wonder why his friend chose to use those colors, was there a reason or was it based on availability at the store? If there is a reason, who or what does it represent? What did it mean to Parker, Jr.?

These were my initial thoughts as I began researching my panel. At first I believed the colors chosen didn’t mean anything, but upon more studying I realized my belief wasn’t as valid as I once thought it was. As I studied more, I realized that Parker, Jr. wasn’t just a Tar Heels‘ fan but he was heavily involved in the UNC Educational Foundation, as he was a member of this organization that supported the school’s athletics.


Bondurant, Tanya. “Why I’m a dan of the North Carolina Tar Heels.” SB Nation, 2017.

Tanya Bondurant reminisces vividly on when she became a huge Tar Heels fan,  saying she was deeply involved with the basketball team her family believed she’d grow up to be boyish. She adds evidence to her blog by having other bloggers who write for the website detail why they are Tar Heel fans. Their were 8 others and each of their circumstances were unique, although most specified that they were born into it. The author wants to let her readers know that there are some real fans out there supporting this basketball team for many reasons than one while also offering background information as to why each feel the way the do. The viewers of this article are more than likely fans of Tar Heel, reading others’ opinions who share the same interest as them. Researchers who may want to compare the fans from 50 years ago to the ones now may find this article interesting.

This source helps me understand that Parker, Jr.’s feelings on being a fan are validated by many. He attended the University of North Carolina but had been a fan since birth which made him choose that college. Just as he was a fan since birth, the author, Tanya and other bloggers from the site share similar background stories with being a fan.

Fletcher, Stephen. “The best of times: the “Golden Era” at UNC (1945-1950).” A View to Hugh 2014.

Stephen Fletcher gives his reader a background of the 5 years he considered the “Golden Era”. He displayed pictures and with each of these images he offered a story, the pictures were a good touch as the readers can see what the students and faculty seen at that time. Stephen wants the readers to know why he believes these were the best time, by proposing that the United Stated had Victory over Japan, Korea and World War II ended. All of these victories were important to the history of the United States, and Tar Heel fans from all over were able to rejoice. An audience that would find this very interesting would be fans of Tar Heel and Hugh Morton’s photography. Someone who would find this information very useful would be historians studying Hugh Morton’s photography on the campus of University of North Carolina.

Although Parker, Jr. was only 10-15 years of age during the “Golden Era” I can see why he idolized the school. This school brought importance to Carolina’s natives, giving them something to cherish and support. This may be the reason for him always being a Tar Heel fan, even joining the UNC Educational Foundation in his adult years.



This website is completed with many authors helping to compile all of the information about different zodiac signs, this page doesn’t reference to a certain author. It offers the traits, likes and dislikes and other attributes of a Gemini. The purpose of this page is to give an overview of what a Gemini might be like, it doesn’t mean that each one is exactly like what is described. Someone who identifies with this sign may read this to determine if it details things they can relate to, and if so they will use this newfound information to determine if they believe it or not based on if they find it relevant to them. Others who may benefit from reading this is people who have recently formed a relationship or friendship with a Gemini and want to know what to expect. People who may find this information useful are those who heavily study or purely believe in astrology and use it to determine if a Gemini would make a good partner or not.

This was important to read, as Parker, Jr. was a Gemini male. I have done many readings on Gemini females as I am one myself, but reading this gave me another perspective of how he may have been in his lifetime. The things his friend Rif said about him correlates with the description this website gave.


Pawlyna, Andrea. “James Rouse, a Pioneer of the Suburban Shopping Center, Now Sets His Sights on Saving Cities.” People 1981.

Andrea Pawlyna offers up much detail about James Rouse success including the many ventures he had with creating visually acceptable malls and the multi-millions of dollar attached to each. She includes lots of data in her article even a quote from James himself. Andrea wrote this article to inform her readers that James was not only building these million dollar shopping centers but giving back to communities as well, by renovating and restoring for the poor. The intended audience would be someone who wanted to know more than just the success James experience, by learning of his trials and tribulations he faced before turning his Rouse Co. into a billion dollar company. Someone who may find this useful is someone researching James Rouse, Rouse Company or investor. The reason an investor may find this useful is because they may understand more the shortcomings that may take place with the person or business they invest in before the outcome better.

Initially I didn’t have a clue of what the Rouse’s Harborplace in Baltimore was, but upon doing my research I found out more than I bargained for. James Rouse created many malls which were very grand to sight during the 80s and 90s. Floyd helped with the opening of one of his shopping centers and that is a great deal of history to be apart of, as the mall is still here today. In fact Mondawmin Mall is home to the top sales from a previous job.


White, Ron. “Ways to Leave the Army With an Honorable Discharge.” Hearst Newspaper.

Ron White has written over two thousand news articles since his professional career started 17 years ago. There wasn’t any surveys or data charts, so evidence is slim to none, he states his knowledge of the ways to get an honorable discharge and ends the brief article. Ron wants the reader to know that honorable discharges are easy to come by as long as you meet the requirements given by the department you are serving, this article is specific to the Army. Someone may search this article if they have a friend or family member who has received one, to learn about how they acquired it. This information could be vital to someone who is in the Army and is looking for a way to gain an honorable discharge as this article gives many different types of discharges.

Reading this article gave me insight on the many possible discharges that Parker, Jr. could have received. Out of the four discharges that are considered honorable I believe that he was awarded the Complete Enlistment. Reason being is that he served from 1959 up until 1961, only 2 years which is the least to still be able to acquire the discharge. He may have sought this discharge as he was able to go back to North Carolina and work at various jobs.


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