My partner brought an item in which I am unfamiliar to, it reminds me of a miniature flag as the dimensions of it are 4 inches by 6 inches. The colors it is painted are gorgeous as one is a primary color; red and the other is a secondary color; orange as well as the colors sliver and gold. The quality of this item is very rich as you can tell the maker of it used thick quality fabric in order for it to withstand many events; wear and tear, other everyday handling. At first glance the item looks as if it could be placed in a car possibly under the rear view mirror, so that it could be shown off to bystanders. The reason I believe this is true is because it has a suction cup at the end of the beautiful gold wired strings. The suction cup can be taken off and the gold string can be used as a flag in a parade by wrapping it around a straw or small colored stick. It has the word Laos written across the front and back. I am sure this is the name of a country and possibly Kathy’s origin country or at least her elder family, I’ve seen this name once before which was in my Advanced Placement World History class. I wonder what’s the history on this country as we spent less than half a class period discussing it. I’m by far intrigued with this item and would love to know more about it and the actual meaning it has to my fellow peer.


Three Questions:

Phajja: The object you brought in is it meaningful to you and your family or just you?

Kathy: My family holds it near and dear to our heart.

Phajja: Does it have something to do with your ethnicity?

Kathy: Yes, it represents the country I’m from which is Laos.

Phajja: Can it be reproduced or recreated?

Kathy: Yes, this flag I have represents the freedom flag which is ironic because my country actually has a communist form of government.



Surprisingly, I was right about my initial guess the item Kathy brought in was a flag that has a lot of meaning to her and her family. The flag represents freedom which is ironic because the country Laos has a communist form of government located in Southeast Asia. She stated that the flag is a reminder not to take things for granted, as she is grateful she did not have to experience what her parents did because they brought her to the United States.

AIDS Quilt

The AIDS Quilt has the names of those who passed away due to their fight against AIDS. The quilt can also be metaphoric in the fact that it is consider a comfort and the families who had a family member pass because of AIDS did receive comfort in knowing that they will always be remembered. Each piece is unique to the deceased person, so no two pieces are identical because either a family or friend created it for that special lost one. My heart goes out to the newborn who was only six months when she lost her fight, this goes to show that anyone can have AIDS no natter your gender, age nor class. This quilt brings family and friends from all over the world to remember their lost ones, it gives them the opportunity to console with others which helps them to know that they aren’t alone. It is a part of activism, it was created to keep people aware of this deadly disease while also available for viewing to those who may not have lost a loved one but instead to allow them understand that even though they haven’t lost someone their are hundreds of thousands that still have. It can be seen as material culture, it’s becoming a ritual for some families to visit the quilt even though the quilt is ever changing, it gives them the chance to cope with what has happened.

First impressions of Haltman

Things are interpreted differently depending on the reader.

When professor Prown asked the students to chose an item to work with during class he took that time to analysis it. Realizing that the students may have selected these items based on “human experience, engagement with the physical world, sense of self, common human emotions or significant life events” (Haltman, para 4). The reasons why they may have chose the object they did is endless and one could never know exactly unless asking them, but we can conclude the reasons given by Prown have some truth!

We as humans want to feel connected in everything we do, and using do things based on our comfort zone. The interpretation of the object a student has chosen can tell a lot about them, “”the most persistent object metaphors expressive of belief seem embedded in polarities” (Haltman, para 5) . When describing things they are usually on different ends of extremes as in “acceptance or rejection, natural or artificial” (Haltman, list 1). Using this we can translate to finding out why they chose what they chose. Based on the material it expresses a lot, “light or dark, cold or hot” (Haltman, list2).

Based on how well of a vocabulary one may have determines how well they can articulate the item. “Composing a polished interpretive analysis” (Haltman, page 7), you’ll need to be descriptive about your “object” for this class it would be the topic of discussion. Instead of describing an item we have to first understand it as well as notice that our perception determines how we articulate it to be.

This reading began as Prown analyzed his students and as I read for understanding, I realized it was helpful in the fact that it gets you thinking about how you analysis things in your day to day life. As well as how you should take on an assignment or research project to give your audience the experience of what you have learned while performing your research.

The Milestone of 50 Years

It’s amazing how much things can change in the course of 5 decades. Taking a look back into the year of 1968, it was very eventful. Not just in our country but in many countries around the world. There were good and bad situations that happened and has shaped our society into what it is now. Assassinations of two popular and powerful men caused uproar, leading to violent riots and some peaceful protesting. Two days ago we celebrated the national holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., this day is now a Federal Holiday as well. He desired to see change, and wanted his followers to help him achieve this peacefully only to end up being shot and killed by an extremist who did not agree. Another death that took place that year was Robert F. Kennedy he was also a leader in the Civil Rights movement. Being highly active in this movement he believed that he would have been assassinated before his bother John. While, numerous accounts of unfavorable acts took place that year there were pleasant acts as well. The popular boy band The Beatles released their album titled White Album. The first woman to light the Olympic Torch happened that year in Mexico City. There were countless events whether good or bad that have helped shape the United States into what is now. As we experienced issues here, other countries did as well including the massacre in My Lai where citizens were killed and some women were the victims of sexual assault. The state of Biafra wanted to gain independence from Nigeria causing a war that killed about 2 million Biafran people because of malnutrition. With the good and the bad that happens worldwide each year, one thing we can note is that things do get better with time.