Primary Research

A primary source is information that can be but not limited to artifacts and documents that were created during the time of the event taking place. A secondary source is information that include documents and can as well be artifacts, but the information received will include primary sources that isn’t gathered by the author that the reader has chosen. In my final project, I will be using primary sources only. I was lucky enough to choose a panel that included photography and a letter from a beloved friend. I have not came across any secondary sources for this project as I feel confident that with the sources provided I will be able to give my readers a visual of Floyd. My project will be considered a secondary source since I didn’t meet Floyd and the information I give will be based on his friend who made the panel for him. Floyd’s friend is the primary source because he was there experiencing life with him, even though his views of him can be bias because of their friendship. If the information he has provided is bias it will lead to my final project being the same, as I only know what I am researching. The good thing about primary sources is that they tend to not be as bias a secondary sources, this is because the more authors researching a topic the more opinions that will be included. Both can be equally bias but if the secondary source is bias with the already bias primary source it can cause the researcher of both sources to have some invalid information. Since I will only be using what was provided by the friend of Floyd and not being bias when completing my assignment, it will be a good secondary source to others who may want to know more about this panel.

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