Unit 3 Preliminary Outline

Public Figures

During my search of a second quilt I decided to choose a being who played a major role in his/her community. I stumbled across Pastor Charles F. Krimmel’s panel, this panel was different than many others that I have searched due to the fact that the entire quilt was dedicated to him. This can show a lot about his influence even after getting infected. When public figures contract AIDS are they treated with the same respect they had before this disease as opposed to individuals living a regular life?

Each panel was made by someone different than the other, considering he was a pastor, the children may have had a panel to create theirselves.

Regardless of what decision he made, his congregation stood beside him throughout the tough times, showing that they never lost respect for their former Pastor.

Although, individuals living a regular life are just as important, they usually only get less than 1/6 of an entire quilt. This usually happens due to only one person speaking out about their loved out one.

Depending on the public figure, their lives live on with the people who’s life they made a difference in. They will keep their respect and dignity while also making the AIDS disease more known to research.

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