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I. Introduction

The first case of AIDS was in 1983, at that time majority of people grew frantic, because their wasn’t much prior knowledge to how the disease was spread. Some people thought that once they contracted this deadly disease they were going to either die or be contained in a cell so that they wouldn’t spread it to others. Many people believed that by touching or rubbing against someone with AIDS they were now newly infected, there are way more stipulations than just that. Others thought that it could never happen to them nor their favorite public figure, but that is not the case neither. Public figures getting this deadly disease has brought the topic to the light, something most try putting on the back burner because it is seen as a taboo topic. Once Magic Johnson, a popular NBA player and Pastor Charles F. Krimmel contracted this, the people who looked up to these two men shifted thoughts. They wanted to understand more and became very supportive towards their loved ones. When public figures contract AIDS are they treated with the same respect they had before this disease as opposed to individuals living a regular life?

II. Section 1

The scare of AIDS, hindered many people from going to get tested or to learn much of anything about this disease. Instead they lived in fear of being judged and dying. When people they cared about began contracting AIDS, that is when it became a more sensible topic. This opened up many conversations about this disease.

III. Section 2

Most people think, “It could never happen to me”, but this is not true by far. People living normal lives are at risk just as much as a public figure, it only takes one time. The difference is, those people living normal lives may have not left a major impact on other lives, so once they contract AIDS they are no longer accepted.

IV. Section 3

Pastor Charles has an entire quilt dedicated to him, and it was made by his congregation and other loved ones. Oftentimes, when someone dies from this disease they are only given a panel on the quilt because only one person  made it in memory of them. This shows that although  the cause of his death was because of a disease, his legacy and impact still lives.

V. Conclusion (Summary Next Steps; tie it into purpose)

When public figures contract AIDS they are treated differently than those people living normal lives. Some, like Magic Johnson publicly confessed and although it took time, he has now been accepted again. Those who live normal lives may still be accepted but most of the time in their case, their family cuts them off, and they are only left with the spouse or sexual partner, if even them.

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