Sample Bib Entry

Williams, Gabriel. “Primary Sources Description 2.” Post Script Reverie Blog, 2017.

Gabriella Williams is very descriptive of her panel giving a visual representation, since she didn’t add pictures until after the Framework subtitle.

She uses pictures to give actuality to the words she described initially, also detailing every unique thing about the panel including things that may be missed during the initial look of it.

She wants her readers to be informed on the quilt as if each reader was there physically with her, so she goes into great detail about each item.

The intended audience is readers and viewers of the quilt, while not leaving out those who aren’t as aware of the NAMES Project but are interested in learning or researching those who lost their life to AIDs.

Those who are interested in researching about AIDs and it’s effect on not only the person, but their family and friends would find this valuable.