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Two articles that stood out to me were “HIV infection, AIDS rising among teens, officials fear” and “Women-to-Women H.I.V. Case Reported”. The reason these were attention grabbers is because even though these were release around six years ago, majority of the society’s attitude towards infections still remain the same. Many people believe that only gay males carry the trait, and when they have multiple partners with different sex that is the only time it is transmitted. That is not the case, anyone can get infected no matter the gender or age of that person. In the second article it was found that the two women were genetically tested and their viruses matched 98 percent, which gave a high certainty one of the women infected the other. This infection isn’t bias, no matter your age you can catch this infection. Martin who was only 15 years of age had 3 partners, male and female, caught HIV by the age of 17 and never thought it would be him. I didn’t purposefully omit any information in the context, I just highlighted the information I knew about prior to reading the article and included that. The young Martin was 21 when this article was published, and admitted that he didn’t know much about the infection he only thought he was going to die soon. With more sex education women and men of all ages will realize that it can happen to anyone, and the best way to not put your self in harm’s way is to stay protected at all times.

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