Working Draft

The Quilt

The average size of the panels in the AIDS quilt are 5 feet long and 5 feet wide. Each panel featured in the quilts are unique because they are dedicated to a lost life due to the fight against AIDS. Some include more than one person in a panel, these panels are created by family or friends. Depending on the size of each panel they can range from 4-8 individual panels on one quilt.

The quilt displayed is located in the top left corner of block number 4363. This quilt memorializes Floyd C. Parker, Jr. The colors that were featured in the panel were a navy blue background and baby blue writing. The choice of the dark navy blue helped the words and phrases catch the eyes of onlookers much more easier. This panel gives us a look back into the interests of Parker Jr., he was a big Tar Heel fan from his birth til his death as this was the phrase :”I’m a Tar Heel Born, I’m a Tar Heel Bred and when I Die… I’m a Tar Heel Dead”, it was a cut out of all capital letters in the light blue color. Pictures of him are also featured these pictures were placed on top of a red rectangular cut out, with him hold up a camera which shows his interest in photography and videography, him and his friend who made the panel, and another with him playing with his dog. “A special friend” was written in a fire red cut out of all capital letters. All of the words in this panel used the same fabric just in different colors to make it pop enough for others to want to know Parker Jr.’s story. I will detail this panel in its entirety.


The navy blue background offers contrast for

the light blue, vibrant golden yellow and fire

red. This panel is square shaped but the

information it includes is outside of the box.




His written in a header format to

make it pop more than the other

words featured, since it’s the same

as the phrase that follows. What

may seem as just a statement tells

a lot about Floyd C. Parker, Jr. his loyalty is sincere he was a fan of the Tar Heel

basketball program from birth to death.

His birthday is May 25th, making

him a Gemini. This can explain his

loyalty to the basketball team, and

his love for videography as the

Gemini sign is an social butterfly

and uses any moment to show off their creative talents.


To pictures are featured on the,

one is with his friend who made

the panel and the other was Parker,

Jr. and his dog. Using a vibrant red

cut out of letters to grab the

viewer’s attention.













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